Is event marketing right for you?

Event marketing is one of the fastest growing fields in marketing today. The competition for mindshare is fierce and going back to the basics of one–on-one marketing can build awareness and establish brand loyalty. Events can take many forms including a tech day, a lunch and learn, roadshow, or holding a cocktail party or breakfast event concurrent with a tradeshow.

Everywhere you look in today's culture a promotional event is happening, although you probably don't easily recognize many of the event marketing programs when you see them. Perhaps it’s a national webinar or an all day seminar, or simply the coupon an attractive model hands you from a logo wrapped vehicle at a local market.

You may not be ready to hire a customized tractor/trailer rig to hit the road, but you may be ready to co-market with complementary companies to hold a lunch and learn at a local facility. Whether its national, regional or local outreach, events bring a personal side and intimacy to your marketing efforts.

Antarra and our event experts will work with you to plan, promote and implement an event to fit your budget and achieve your marcom goals.